FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE ....... Sound files for Bb Trumpet and Cornet ......... Please use good headphones, etc.

     Trumpet and Cornet files below were recorded in a bright sounding hall. Recording conditions were held constant.
     Not controlled were warmup effects, so small temperature-related pitch differences may be heard amongst the files.
  The added stability of mouthpieces from Brasswind Research allows our designer Robert Love to record these files
     despite having minor facial paralysis that resulted from an auto accident many years ago. You could sound even better!

:  Various tunes as appropriate for the particular model featured. They may take a few seconds to load.
                                Click onto the front part of each sound bar to start.

Model A            Model B   
  Model C            Model D   
  Model E            Model F   
  As requested for "something higher" on Model A + ........    

Recorded in an entirely different sound space   Satin Doll
using a great Jamie Ambersold  play-along CD.  Mouthpiece order is C_F_B_E_A_D in 16 bars phrases of 4/4  meter

These sound bites were recorded with a Bach Model 37 that had been modified for better pitch without changing the overall sound.
All playing and recording factors were held constant except for Hot-swapping mouthpieces and normal warmup effects.

With Bb CORNET:  A 28 bar introduction to Arban's Carnival of Venice ....... with musical notation slightly edited for this demo

  Model A           Model B     
  Model C           Model D     
  Model E           Model F      
  Models F A E B D C F edited in 4 bar phrases (6/8 time).    
  Models F E D C B A F edited in 4 bar phrases  ...............    

These cornet sound bites were recorded with an older un-modified English Besson cornet.  As with trumpet files, only the mouthpieces were Hot-swapped while all other factors were held constant for the recording.

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