Frequently Asked Questions

Does my playing need to change with your products?   No.   Playing our different models help you to better learn the strengths and weaknesses of your instrument and of your own playing.  It’s our constant-pitch setup that really helps in this regard.  You will gain in consistency with our products.

Do I really need to change tuning slide position?  Initially the answer can be Yes, especially if your current mouthpiece requires a tuning-slide pull greater than 1/2" or less than 3/8”. Only careful tuning with a meter will tell for sure. Once you get it right with our product, then you can Hot-swap  to our other models without  retuning.   Get a whole new sound in an instant.   Its an exclusive feature of our product line, and totally cool.

How do I start?  Just pick a model that fills a current need. Don’t have a high range model that plays evenly from low to high?  Then try a Model A.   Don’t have a flugelhorn?  Try a Model F.   Model B has been a popular model with first-time purchasers.  Model E has been popular for  British-style cornet, and for trumpets player wanting a mellow sound for solos .  It is really convenient to own a set of six, but most people will buy them one at a time.  Six tonalities for Flugel  too!

Do the Bb models work on other keys of instruments?  Sometimes, but not always. It all depends on how the instrument was designed. We can help you get to a combination that will work well for most instruments.  Several lines of mouthpieces under development for "higher pitch" trumpets

My teacher recommends other products.  Instructors may lack adequate knowledge of newer products and tend to “go with what they know”. Lots of secretaries didn’t want to give up their typewriter when computers came along ......  and who really needs a cell phone? Our products are guaranteed to work as stated.  We will help you get it right. Perhaps you can help get your instructor "up to speed" with the most advanced mouthpiece technology.

These products seem kind of pricey.  Considering the decades of research & development, the creation of new machining techniques with the latest computer-driven equipment, lots of custom-made  tooling, and the immediate benefit that you receive with our patented products, the price is modest, especially with our introductory offer.  You will enjoy our products for many years: long after the latest electronic "must have" gizmo goes to a trash can.

Do you copy rims from other products?   We can use our computer-aided design system to produce custom rim profiles when needed.  We will do our best to get you an acceptable rim at minimum cost.  Please review the rim page and chart.

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