Typical email comments from customers:

   I am still extremely satisfied with my BR mouthpieces ( A, B, and E , all with #5 rims). Your rims just feel good on my face.  All said and done...I must say that you have developed a marvelous line of mouthpieces. The Brasswind Research mouthpiece system has allowed me to progress to another level.  Thanks.                 J.S.   Lexington, KY

   The new mouthpiece came last week.  The first day was great and I over-did it.  BUT this is exactly what I need.  The pitch is way better, not so sharp.  The A's are locking in very well and the upper register, to C# anyway, is much better.  I am very happy with this combo.  The tone is not quite as dark before, but dark enough.  It is working really well.  Thanks again for all of your help.                 K.G.  Deerfield, IL 

   I´M SO ENTHUSIASTIC: Intonation, response, ease of high register playing and the brighter sound  on the A+ body make this mouthpiece combination way far superior to every big band mouthpiece I´d EVER played. Furthermore, the tuning slide was only 0.5 cm out.   A HEART- FELT THANK YOU.  My big-band mouthpiece "safari" is finally over!              O.K.   Munich, Germany

   Bought a MP from you at ITG the last day.  I was actually going back for a mute when I glanced at your display and you told me about the  E+ mouthpiece. What a gorgeous sound it gives my trumpet. I've been playing it since an hour after I got home and I've really been loving it more every day. Good luck with your MP business.                 D.E.  Black Hills, SD

   I purchased a Brasswind mouthpiece last fall when you guys came to Miami University (B+, with a 4 rim) and I absolutely love it. I play it for marching band, symphony band, and lead soprano at Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corps. I love my mouthpiece to death.                 J.W.  Oxford, OH

   I got the mouthpieces yesterday and
used the 'B' model on a gig today.  I got a lot of compliments on my playing.  I honestly didn't think I played any better or worst than any other day, but people did comment on my tone as being full and rich. Thanks for coming up with plan 'A', then 'B' then 'C', etc.            E.K.   Detroit, MI

   I am interested in buying another mouthpiece and would like to try the B's & C's. I am still playing your other mouthpieces and am very happy.             
W. M. Centerville, OH

              Listed below are a few older comments received about our basic models:

Model A         I have now been playing the “A”  model a couple of weeks and I am very happy, much to my surprise.  It has given me a brighter Jazz sound for the big band music I love and I am still in disbelief that there is no compromise on the low end.  From high to low it very performs well. I can relax or lighten up and still get the tone I desire.  I enjoyed playing the C and F models as well.  Very nice job, and continued success.  
                         from M.R. in Miamisburg, Ohio

Model B          Since I often get stuck with 1st parts in community band, the Model B has been a Godsend. My sound is naturally dark, so the mouthpiece helps my sound punch out better.  It also helps my endurance quite a bit. The conductor likes my sound better too.     from D.G. near Columbus, Ohio

Model C           It’s a definite improvement over my old mouthpiece.  My wife (a music teacher) noticed right away. She said “I don’t know what your doing, but that sounds so much better.”         from B.M. in Dayton, Ohio 

                          I had been playing a Bach 1C since my college instructor put me on it over 20 years ago. Your Model C with the #2 Rim has better intonation, helps my endurance, and the rim shape is so much better too.  That Bach mouthpiece is history!  I would not even give it away for fear that somebody else might suffer with it like I did.        from B.H. in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Model D           I’m using the Dark Model on my Bach Strad to play band solos written for Cornet. It really has a beautiful sound that also can be heard well when needed. That dark sound has been popular with the congregation at my church as well.        from C.F. in Springfield, Ohio

Model E           I bring two trumpets to my Jazz gigs. One has a model B+ in it and the other one has a Model E.  People are really impressed with the mellow sound I get for ad-lib solos with the Model E.  Since I play second book, the B+ lets me blend without over-shadowing the lead player.  I could use just one horn, but it is kind of fun to play with peoples’ heads.       from J. A. near Akron, Ohio

Model F            It kind of freaked me out at first, but the FlugelTone mouthpiece quickly won me over. Now the real flugelhorn stays in the closet. I like to use it in my brass quintet when musical lines get tossed back and forth between the two trumpet parts.  The contrast adds a lot of interest to the group’s sound.   It is so neat to change mouthpieces without retuning the horn.     from S.B.  in Indianapolis, Indiana
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