Thanks to our new friends and customers ........ now hailing from five continents around the globe! 

Please email our mouthpiece maker, Robert Love, about your particular needs at:
Robert enjoys helping and he will be happy to converse by telephone to help achieve your goal performance goals.

Each mouthpiece body includes the choice of one screw rim at no additional cost ...... all in beautiful silver-plated finish.  Gold available.

Price in Silver Finish:    Trumpet  $150     Flugel $125     Cornet $100 ........ with no added charge for tax or shipping!

Price in Gold Finish:      Trumpet  $250     Flugel $200     Cornet  $150          Click to Compare prices with the competition.
Extra rims are $35, but simple exchanges for rim-size trials are provided at no cost.
Discounts are available for multiple or repeat mouthpiece purchases.

Revelation mouthpieces represent a major advance in mouthpiece technology. You can pay a lot more for a "boutique" mouthpiece
that provides inferior results. Despite requiring sophisticated and expensive manufacturing processes, we are keeping prices low to reward those folks who understand the importance our product and who have the courage to give it a try.  Happy customers will be our best and most cost effective advertisement.

VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and Paypal accepted.   Institutional purchase orders accepted with prior approval

Visit our shop and try our products at:      1120 East Second Street
Visits must be scheduled in advance.        Suite 2180
                                                               Dayton, Ohio 45403

Please use for a comment or suggestion for which a response is not requested.

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