A Rim of your choice is included FREE with the purchase of  every mouthpiece body. When needed, a rim may be exchanged for another size or contour at a very low fee: the cost of mailing.

Our Screw Rim designs give you the opportunity for precise selection, flexibility, and interchangeability when needed to solve specific problems, like Stretched Octaves, for different feel in the "bite" zone, or a different "lay" for the outer contact region. 

Basic sizes are labeled 0 to 8 in nine equal steps starting with Rim 0 that feels very large, to Rim 8 that feels very small. We take pride in holding extremely tight machining tolerances.

Our RIm-Size Comparison Chart (click HERE) shows dramatically how our rims sizes relate to rims measured from competitors products. It also shows wide variability of measured sizes from some "big name" brands:  What size is a 7C really? Please note that m
easured variability can make the rim chart seem a bit odd at first glance. With careful study it can be quite helpful.

Standard Rim Profiles were designed only after an extensive survey of mouthpieces preferred by top players. The inner bite zone, top curvature, and outer lay reflect "middle of the road" geometries.  Feed back about our standard rims has been quite positive, however, rim feel is also highly personal, so other options are available. We can customize too.  Please contact us for details.

All Standard Rims have a "Medium Pitch Level" that help make our mouthpieces work well on most instruments.  Higher Pitch or Lower Pitch rims are available when ascending scale-wise sharpness, or scale-wise flatness become a concern.

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